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VirtAudio - Virtual USB Audio Driver for Windows

Virtual USB Audio DriverThesycon’s TVirtAudio driver implements virtual Windows sound devices. The driver supports a private programming interface (API) that enables applications to control the virtual sound devices and implement the audio data path as required.


TUSBAudio - USB Audio Driver for Windows

Thesycon’s TUSBAudio device driver for Windows targets professional USB audio devices and high-end HIFI devices that are compliant to the USB Audio Device Class specification.


Custom Development

KonzeptThesycon’s business field "custom software development for industrial and medical applications" has been acquired by the company Konzept Informationssysteme GmbH. The acquisition becomes effective July 1, 2024. Konzept IS is a software engineering company located in Meersburg, Germany. It offers a broad range of software engineering services and runs several offices in Germany and Switzerland.

For more information about Konzept IS, check out:

Contact Information:
Konzept Informationssysteme GmbH
Am Weiher 13
88709 Meersburg (am Bodensee)

E-Mail: for further information.
Phone: +49 7532 4466-0

Note: Thesycon’s audio device driver business is not affected by this acquisition. Thesycon will continue to offer audio driver solutions. All existing license agreements and other contracts remain intact.

For questions regarding USBIO, TL-USBCOM and TL-USBNet licenses, please check "USB Driver Licenses"