Technology Partners

XMOS_Logo Thesycon provides Windows drivers for XMOS USB audio solutions.


MSC Vertriebs GmbH

ToriLogic GmbH & Co. KG
Ilmenau, Germany


Wincor Nixdorf International GmbH Wincor Nixdorf International GmbH
Paderborn, Germany


Dream Dream S.A.S.
Semur, France


SEGGER Microcontroller Systeme GmbH SEGGER Microcontroller GmbH & Co.KG
Hilden, Germany


Sevenstax Sevenstax GmbH
Hannover, Germany


emsys Embedded Systems GmbH
Ilmenau, Germany


IMMS Institut für Mikroelektronik- und Mechatronik-Systeme gGmbH
Ilmenau, Germany



                            For an overview, refer to our list of reference projects.





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