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Thesycon commands expertise in several areas surrounding the development of device drivers and firmware. Below, we give a selection of the projects that have benefited from our expertise. Each item listed below refers to development work that Thesycon successfully completed either under contract to a client company or as product development. In many cases we worked together with partner companies responsible for hardware design.

USB Drivers

Universal USB Device Driver for Windows

TL-USBCOM Driver for Windows

USB CDC/ECM Class Driver for Windows

USB CDC/NCM Class Driver for Windows

USB CDC/NCM Class Driver for Mac OS X

USB CDC/ACM Class Driver for Windows

Device Driver for USB Camera Devices

USB Audio Class 2.0 Driver for Windows

USB Audio Class 2.0 Driver for Mac OS X

USB Driver Suite for 2G and 3G GSM Phones

Windows Driver for USB Smart Card Reader

Power Line Modem with USB Interface

High-Speed USB Data Capture

Device Driver for USB-based Touch Screen

Selective USB Device Filtering

USB Programming Interface for Java

USB Device Drivers for Linux

USB Drivers for Apple MacOS-X

High-Speed USB Interface for Scanner

Embedded USB

Embedded USB Device Firmware Stack

Embedded USB Host Firmware Stack

Embedded Printer Driver

USB Bootloader for Embedded Systems

USB Device-to-Device Adapter

USB Firmware and PC API for Sensor Device

USB Firmware for Medical Device

USB Device with Automatic Driver Installation

USB to Parallel Port Converter Device

USB HID Device with Integrated CD-ROM Emulation

Firmware for High-end USB Microphone

IEEE 1394 (FireWire)

IEEE 1394 Bus Driver for Windows

Universal IEEE 1394 Device Driver for Windows

IP over IEEE 1394 Device Driver for Windows

IEEE1394-based Frame Grabber Device

IEEE 1394 Driver Stack for Windows NT 4

Programming Interface for IEEE 1394 Cameras

IEEE1394-based Isochronous A/V Streaming

ASIO/WDM Drivers for Professional Audio Devices with IEEE 1394 Interface

See Professional Audio section below.

Professional Audio

ASIO/WDM USB Driver for Windows

USB Audio Driver for Mac OS X

Audio Device Driver for High-end PCIe Card

USB 2.0 Interface for Pro-Audio Devices

Sound Device Emulation on Windows

ASIO/WDM IEEE1394 Driver for Windows

ASIO Driver for IEEE1394 Audio Controller

FireWire-based PC-to-PC Audio Streaming

Up to 128 channels audio streaming from multiple slave PC systems to one master PC

WLAN-based Audio Streaming

Application Development

Device Status Monitor for Apple iOS

Application for Mobile Data Recording

Device Driver Installation

Windows Device Driver Installation

Thesycon created driver setup wizards for numerous projects.

USB Device Driver Installer for Mobile Phones


DVB Satellite Receiver PCI Card

Digital Satellite Radio Receiver PCI Card

DVB Satellite Receiver with USB Interface

Windows Driver for USB DVB Receiver

Windows Driver for DVB Descrambling Device


Windows Driver for W-LAN Network Interface Card (PCI and CardBus)


USB CDC/ECM Class Driver

USB CDC/NCM Class Driver

Virtual NDIS Network Adapter Driver

NDIS Multiplexer Intermediate Driver

PXE Boot Driver for UEFI BIOS

Automatic W-LAN Configuration Wizard

ATM Network Adapter Drivers


Audio/Video Processing and Streaming

Various PCI Drivers

Thesycon has implemented many PCI device drivers for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8, Windows CE/Mobile and Linux. Most devices use PCI bus mastering. Device types include:

Serial Multiplexer Driver

Persistent USB Disk Drive Letter Assignment

Serial Port Emulator (Virtual COM)

Virtual CD-ROM and Disk Driver

WHQL Certification of Windows Device Drivers

Thesycon has executed WHQL certification procedures and submissions on behalf of many customers. We have huge experience in running WHQL test benches on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows 11. Thesycon offers WHQL driver certification as a service to customers.


USB Problem Analysis

For many customers, Thesycon has analyzed USB-related hardware, firmware or driver problems and provided methods of resolution, or implemented fixes.

USB Protocol Design

Thesycon has designed and optimized the USB-based device communication protocol for numerous applications. Thesycon has huge experience in designing reliable and efficient protocols as required by many industrial-scale solutions.

Driver Problem Analysis and Optimization

Thesycon has helped various customers to solve issues in existing PCI and other device drivers and to improve efficiency of the driver code.

Programming Interface Design

Thesycon has many years experience in application programming interface (API) design and other software interface design tasks. Main design principles are: efficiency, robustness, simplicity and scalability.

EHCI USB Host Controller Verification

Thesycon has supported a major silicon manufacturer in verifying an EHCI host controller design. Thesycon provided various USB test benches and supported the designers in Windows kernel-mode debugging.

FireWire Problem Analysis

Thesycon has supported customers in the analysis and solving of IEEE1394-related hardware, firmware or driver problems. We worked out solution strategies for various application scenarios, e.g. very large topology configurations.

Feasibility and Technology Studies




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USB Audio Drivers

USB Audio Firmware

Universal USB Drivers

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